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Rachel's Red Shoes

“………Meanwhile the large group of assorted guests gather around an enormous banqueting table. There is much feasting and merriment and as the clock strikes midnight the girl is led out of the attic and into the hall. Her soul is presented on a silver platter to the king. She is made to sing in her bird voice for the guests. As she sings the girl sums up her magic powers to make all the guests’ shoes and clothes move them around the room in an alarming manner. The feast turns into a manic dancing session. Eventually the guests are dragged under the banqueting table and disappear through the floor….”

The film was created during the 2004 film-making summerschool in Huntly as a pilot for a full length film to be developed in the future.

The summerschool programme was funded by Communities Scotland Future Builders and Awards for All.

Dudendance - Bohemios from dudendance theatre on Vimeo.


I5min film shot in Argentina

National Lottery Film / Buenos Aires Video Film Festival Co-Commission

Musa, an old Tango Maestro from Buenos Aires tells about his experiments with dying. The film follows him around bars and cafes of La Boca. Inspired by the testimonies of dance marathons of the 1920’s and deals with exhaustion as expressed through dance.